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Things You Should Do To Reduce Lower Back Pain

One second you are fine the next minute you would start to experience excruciating lower back pains. This is something that the majority of us have suffered by bending the wrong way. We know that you would feel like you are dying when you start to experience this pain. But you are not. Furthermore, you should also not try to stick through the pain. That is because this is completely unnecessary. Instead, you can definitely take some steps to reduce the amount of pain that you are feeling drastically.

Chill It

Remember what you did when you started getting class iv hot laser therapy Gold Coast? You iced it. This is one of the best solutions that you can embrace when you suffer an injury. That is because within the first 24 to 48 hours ice has the power to reduce inflammation. However, understand that it won’t always feel good to ice it. Instead, as soon as one starts feeling the pain they would want to place heat on it. But while heat feels good that does not mean it would be helpful in the long run. That is because heat has the power to speed up the inflammation process. Thus, that is why heat is not the answer. But you should also not ice your body for hours and hours. Instead, try to keep ice on the location for only about 20 minutes or so.

Continue To Move

We know that you would either want to stay in bed or move into a pain clinic when you start experiencing the pain. This is a common reaction to have. But you need to understand that the best answer to your problems is activity. Therefore try to understand that bed rest is not the answer. Instead, you should try to get on with your daily activities. This means going to work or even doing a course of laundry. However, you should not think that this means going to the gym is also alright because it is not. Instead, you should only consider exercising once you start to feel better. That is because overdoing it would only aggravate the pain. Visit for plantar fasciitis treatment.


Even though you are in pain we know that many of you would get on with your day to day activities. For many, this means sitting in front of a computer. But if you want the pain to get better you will have to stretch your muscles.Lower back pains can be an annoyance that you just can’t escape. But it is possible to reduce the pain somewhat.

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