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How To Check For Quality When Buying A Dental Chair?

As a dentist, who is investing in their clinic, buying each and every equipment is an investment that equates to the quality of service and also aesthetics. Hence, this becomes a big decision and above all when it comes to buying a dental chair, which is the most used and the most important element, above all, let’s not forget, your patients first touch point. For more information, please log on to 

So here we have compiled what you should be looking for when buying the perfect dental chair for your clinic, making sure you are able to check for reliability, quality and of course, longevity of the dental chair.  

  1. Check for the stability of the chair:  Of course, the stability of the chair matters the most when you are checking a person’s oral cavity, especially when you are performing or doing any dental procedure, not only your hands should remain stable but also the chair. In order to do so, when looking for a mounted chair delivery you should always perform a test to check the stability performance. Here is what you should do, Make a person sit on the chair in a supine angle and then let the chair run up to its maximum height. Then grasp the light post from its top and move it to different angles, see if the chair shakes, also, try and attempt at shaking the chair. You will see at what point does it starts to lose its stability and whether that is good enough. By good enough, we mean to emphasize how rigid it is. What you should make sure is that the chair’s baseplate should not lose its stability and should maintain its rigidness. In order to make sure that no disturbance is caused to the patient, the chair structure should be made of cast iron, rather than aluminum, this reduces the vibrations and sounds if the chair is accidently hit. 
  2. Baseplate Should Not Corrode or get Dents Keep in mind your baseplate will have the most exposure to equipment’s and chemicals to clean it as well. Hence, you should be looking for whether the baseplate is coated with paint only or does it have coverage to prevent scratches or corrosion. Look at its finishing and make sure you get the one with epoxy finishing done. 
  3. Check for the Chair’s movement:  How your chair moves makes or breaks the patients experience. Here check from start to end if the chair shakes during its movement, look for it to be a smooth ride. Always make sure to ask about the hydraulic cylinders manufacturers, that defines the quality standard!  

Now that you know what you should be looking for, head on to and find dental chairs for sale in Australia! We make sure you get the quality your patience deserve!  dentist-fitout

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