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Psychology: A Behavioural Approach To The Human Nature

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Psychology is a discipline that is as old as the human being himself. A human being has a variety of different responses and approaches towards different phenomenon and we in psychological terms call them behaviour. However it is being studied as a professional discipline since the 4th century when the Greek philosophers first linked mental behaviour to some powers that are unseen from that time the studies are being conducted and people are trying to explore the human brain and the behaviour. Experts have defined psychology as a discipline that studies mental and behavioural processes. It includes all the conscious and the unconscious acts and responses of a human behaviour. A psychologist in burwood is a person who has a professional degree in the discipline of psychology and has some experience about the human behaviour.   

Difference between a Psychiatrist and Psychologist

Some people confuse the idea of a psychiatrist and a psychologist. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who has his MBBS (bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery) degree and then after their house job specializes in psychology. Since they are doctors with a medical degree they can prescribe medicine whereas on the other hand Psychologists or what people call therapists are people who pursue their bachelors’ in psychology and then have a masters’ in psychology, sometimes they may have some diploma of clinical psychology. They cannot prescribe medicines ethically to patients. A psychologist and a psychiatrist may work together to help patients. A psychologist may provide counselling, have discussions with the patients and may have different tests on the patients to know about his medical condition he may then discuss it with the psychiatrist to help recommend medicines to the patient a psychiatrist on the other hand would check how the medicines would affect the patient and his medical conditions as a psychiatrist may have all of the patients history. In this way both psychologists and psychiatrists may help in treating a patient.

Scope and Significance of the Field

In olden times psychologists were known as people who would only treat the insane and mad people. But as the time has passed and people are becoming more aware of the fact that it is important to keep a check on their mental health, the scope of the discipline is increasing a lot. Many good universities across the globe are now offering professional degrees in the field. A psychologist has a lot of job options including clinical psychology, educational psychology, criminal psychology, cognitive psychology. Psychologists are now being offered jobs in intelligence departments to check the people. They are hired in different offices in the HR team in the interview panel of recruitment. Psychologists are also working at different wellbeing centres to help people with daily problem. Psychology overall is an emerging field to work in.  For more information please click here